“A Revolution in Artificial Lift...”

Born out of necessity, the Direct DriveHead™ is a proven and economic way to pump any kind of well down to 6000 feet when using Progressive Cavity Pumps (PCPs) in your operation.

Strictly a direct gear drive design (no belts and no pulleys ) with every other feature you’ve come to expect built-in as standard equipment for the very best PCP operation:  

  1. VFD with Automation and Two-Way Communication built into the enclosure to provide the ultimate in pump speed control along with well and  reservoir data logging for all your needs;
  2. Interchangeable Gear Drives to extend rpm range;
  3. The Load Bearing Section is affixed to Housing to enable servicing in the Field versus a machine shop; and
  4. The Pumping Tee and Stuffing Box  are built into the housing to simply installation.

The design team, with the help of others like Allen-Bradley, Baldor Electric, Boston Gear, M/D Totco, National Oil Well Varco, NTN Bearing Corp., Rockwell Automation, and others have helped make the Direct DriveHead Artificial Lift Solution the most cost effective and powerful system available.  Together, we are making this superior and patented design with all the bells and whistles you can imagine as the new standard for PCP-Direct DriveHead artificial lift operations.                        

Proven Producing Technology Operating in CBM, Shale Gas, Heavy Oil, and Light Oil Applications.

Product Warranty - ISO 9001 Component Compliance.

Assembled in Houston Texas  where 40’ containerized loads of PCP pumps and DriveHeads ship globally for less.

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