Untitled document Direct DriveHead, Inc. offers a total artificial lift package from the Direct DriveHead with the PCP and all of the miscellaneous in-between (well heads, fittings, valves, etc.) for a ‘plug and play’ operation directly out of our shipping box so you don’t have to run for parts. Or just our DriveHead by itself…

The Direct-Drive DriveHead TM ( “DDH” ) is a pumping device that was developed as an economic low cost variable speed lifting option for progressive cavity pump operation. The DDH in many cases can replace the “pump jack” a common oil field lift system for far less initial cost while providing better production capability at a lower ongoing operational cost.

Field proven, the DDH was awarded a U.S. Patent no. 7,044,215B2 on May 16, 2006 covering multiple design improvements and characteristics unique to the DDH.

Now in full scale production, the Direct Drive DriveHead is made entirely in the U.S.A. with parts and manufactured components from key U.S.A. Companies who provide DDH with a pass through factory warranty on all components.

Untitled document The DDH manufacturers included; NTN Bearing Corporation, Baldor Electric, Boston Gear, Netzsch Corporation, Skinner Brothers, U.S. Fabcorp, and others. The manufacturing alliance allows our DDH assembly plant in Houston to provide customers with “best-pricing” for complete units and on spare parts. (Electric motors, gears, drives, pcp pumps, valves and controls). Together, we have achieved Hart’s E&P award for Innovation.
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View the 3D Animation Untitled document Ideal Applications for the Direct DriveHead Unit
  • Pumping Any Kind of Fluid to 6000 feet
  • Heavy Oil with Sand
  • Marginal Well Reactivation
  • Unload Gas Wells without Gas Locking
  • Pumping from inside Horizontal Section
  • CBM Dewatering
  • Satisfying Low Profile Environments
  • Replacing Pump Jacks with 25hp Motors to Significantly Reduce Electric Costs

Click Here to See the Video Filmed in 2004 of the Prototype in Trinidad. This Unit is Still in Operation Today!

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Standard Features

  • Programmable, Variable Speed Control, Scada Interface, and a frame and load bearing section designed to accommodate up to 38,000# of continuous working rod load. As a result, the over engineered bearing section which requires no maintenance can accommodate wells beyond the PCP pump depth limitations. If you can pump a well from 10,000 feet with a PCP, the bearing section could handle the load!
  • The DDH was designed to deliver up to 250 foot pounds of torque to the PCP from a 5 hp motor! (PCP pump conditions in less than a 6,000 foot well require up to 85 foot pounds of torque to deliver fluid to the surface). The excess torque capability of DDH comes in handy if and when solids (sand) are present and torque requirements increase.
  • Pump your well from below your perforations with our DDH pump to keep your well bore clean and to maintain a minimum head against low productivity reservoirs. Reduce the need to wash well bores clean of fill which will otherwise slowly cover the perforations and bridge off fluid flow resulting in additional “work-overs” (cost).


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